Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She's Walking!

This is another sideways video. I'm sorry about this.....I keep forgetting to not turn my camera long-ways when I'm doing a video. Just tilt your head and enjoy! :-)

Bath Time!

Annaliese is now big enough to take baths outside her little baby bathtub and in the "big" bathtub. So, we thought it would be fun, and a great photo opportunity to give the kiddos a bath together.

Bobby was the one that tried this a couple weeks ago while I was singing at church and he was home taking care of the kids. Apparently, he did not check Annaliese's diaper before placing her in the tub, because he placed Annaliese and her poopy in the bath with Ethan. Ethan freaked out about the poopy and started crying. Then Annaliese started crying because Ethan was crying. And I'm sure Bobby wanted to then start crying because both kids were crying and now he had to start the cleaning process over. Whew! Poor Bobby!
Well, we decided to try again.....this time with both parents helping to wrangle two slippery kids. SUCCESS! Both kids had a blast and we got our pictures! Yay!
This might be the last double kid bath was fun, but a LOT of work! :-)

Country Clubbin'

This past weekend we went country clubbin'. Yeah, that's how we roll! Just kidding! :o)

We did however, enjoy a Sunday brunch and golf cart tour of the grounds of a local country club, thanks to a Colleyville Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificate we were given. We are having just PERFECT weather the last few days, and Sunday was no exception. Of course, the golf course and grounds were just beautiful and lush and made me soooo ready for Spring!
Ethan was so excited to help Daddy "drive" a golf cart!

Both kids behaved so well while we were there. They were really on their best "country club behavior"! Ha!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annaliese at the Wedding

Annaliese also looked great for the wedding! Here she is checking herself out in the mirror.

Ringbearer Ethan

Bobby's sister, Julie, got married a couple weeks ago and they asked Ethan to be the ringbearer.

Ethan looked so handsome!

When it was time, he walked slowly down the aisle smiling and holding his pillow "like a pizza box". He stood up at the front of the chapel on the exact spot that I showed him to stand. He stood there perfectly still and quiet.....for about ten minutes. He decided that was long enough so he decided to come sit down with Bobby, Annaliese & me. He really did great!

Then it was on to the reception for dancing!!! It took him a few minutes to convince the flower girl to dance with him, but he finally wore her down and they danced the night away!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ethan & Annaliese Giggle

There is nothing sweeter to me than the sound of my kids laughter! I am so thankful that Ethan & Annaliese are entertained by each other!

Christmas Light Tangle

I just thought this was a cute moment.....
When we were taking down our Christmas decorations on New Year's Day, Annaliese tried to assist, but got tangled up in the lights. She was not happy with her efforts!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger!

I am sooo sorry for being a bad, bad blogger during the month of January! I think the holidays wiped me out (in a good way), and I needed a little break! I am now refreshed and ready to blog again, so be looking for several blog posts this week to catch everyone up!