Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jewelry Princess

I think Annaliese might have a future on the Home Shopping Network. The girl has a THING for BLING!

It all started when Gigi bought Annaliese a play jewelry set.....

......complete with a tiara!

Gigi is sweet enough to have the set with her anytime we get together. Annaliese knows to look for it when Gigi's around!

And now she loves to wear my bracelets and my earrings that hook over her ears.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Annaliese's Messianic Dance

Once a month there are Messianic services that take place at our church for the Messianic Jews in our congregation. It is so neat to see the Hebrew traditions incorporated into a spirit-filled worship service. And there is something so powerful when His "chosen people" have accepted Yeshua as their Lord and Savior!

A couple months ago I was on the worship team for the Messianic service. It's not a service I usually sing at so I was unfamiliar with the songs and had to learn them. I would say 75% of them are in Hebrew - not my second language! So for a couple of days I was listening to these songs non-stop to learn them. Every time this one song, "Baruch Adonai", came on Annaliese stopped what she was doing and had to dance!

You'll notice she also has a toothbrush in her hand, which was a phase she went through. She was teething her molars a couple months ago so I gave her some toothbrushes to gnaw on. She would carry those things around with her everywhere - to bed, in the car, in the get the idea.

And I also apologize for the mismatched bow in her hair. At this time, a couple months ago, she made a game of putting in and taking off her bows. Apparently yellow was the color she grabbed at that time!

Enjoy her little dance!

Back to Blogging

Hello! Remember me? It's been so long I'm not sure you remember me or if I even remember how to do this blogging thing! You can blame it on Facebook! So many of my friends update on FB now that it's become my one-stop shop for staying in the loop. But I know not everyone, including a lot of my wonderful family members, has FB. Besides, I really do enjoy looking back at our little blog and seeing how the kids have grown and reliving the stories of our life!

So, I'm going to try to get this thing caught up and then update it regularly. Thanks for being patient with me!