Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Egg Fun

So, Brother, that's what you do with your basket?

Let me try......

On the hunt
I found some!!!!
Thanks for the lift, Grandpa!

Good Friday

We decided to go to one of our church's Good Friday services to avoid the "Easter Rush" the rest of the weekend. Church was great! After, we stopped for Mexican food on the the way home. I think we will make it our Good Friday tradition - Yum! :-)
I know most of us remember daily the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for us and we are so thankful. But I don't think we always walk in the gravity of what Jesus did for us and the overwhelming joy that comes from accepting Him as our Risen Lord. I'm thankful for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday as times to really reflect and be grateful for the work of the cross. Because Christ bore my shame, sorrow and sin on the cross, I live and have life more abundantly. Thank you, Jesus!
Here are the kids in their Easter outfits. I could NOT get Annaliese to stand still, so these are the kids in action!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Annaliese's 1st Birthday!

Our little sweetie-pie turned one year old! Say it ain't so! This year has really flown by!

Annaliese is 17 lbs. 11 oz. and 31 inches long.....still tall and skinny!

She is walking all over the place,

waves bye-bye,

shakes head no,

bounces up and down to music,

says "mamma", "dadda", "bubba",

favorite foods are cheese, broccoli and strawberries,

has 9 teeth and counting,

and melts all our hearts every day!


We had the special pleasure of having Grandpa & Grandma Sondeno and Uncle Dudley & Aunt Cynthia in town for Eric's wedding. They were able to help us celebrate Annaliese's first birthday. This was the first time Annaliese met her great-grandparents and great aunt!

(L to R) Annaliese, Ethan, Bobby, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dudley, Aunt Cynthia, Dale, Mom, Kimmy

Yum! She liked her cake!

Fun opening presents!

Blowing kisses with Auntie Cynthie
Daddy capturing the fun on the video cam.

Eric's Wedding

My step-brother, Eric got married last weekend to a sweetie named Stephanie. My grandparents and uncle & aunt came down for the wedding. It was such a sweet ceremony and we say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple!
Ethan got to be the ring-bearer and he looked so handsome in his tux! He's getting this ring-bearer thing down and did a great job walking down the aisle and standing on his spot at the front of the chapel. After the prayer, Ethan and the other ring-bearer and flower girl sat down. Shortly thereafter, Ethan had to go potty, so we tried to make a discreet exit. The sole of Ethan's rented tux shoe decided to come slowly off while we were walking to the back of the tile-floored chapel.....it sounded something like this: clap....CLAP....clap......CLAP.....clap.....CLAP CLAP.....clap.....CLAP CLAP! Oh well, what can you do? By the time we made it to the back, the entire sole fell off!

Ethan was oh-so serious when we first put his tux on. He probably took half an hour before he would smile! (Bobby's kind of the same way when he has to get dressed up...haha!)
Special picture with Grandma & Grandpa Sondeno