Sunday, April 18, 2010



Annaliese's Birthday

Here are a few pics from our little family birthday party for Annaliese.

Ethan & Annaliese's Joint Birthday

I decided to do a joint birthday party for Ethan's 5th and Annaliese's 2nd birthdays this year. Many of their friends have brothers or sisters the same age as their sibling, so instead of having two birthday parties with the same friends within a month of each other, why not have their birthday party together!
McDonald's is where we had it, and it was a blast! I do, however, experience the same thing at McDonald's as I do Chuck E many kids, so much noise, help me, Jesus! Thankfully, Dad (a.k.a. Grandpa to the kids) was able to come and help me!

Annaliese, Grandpa & friend Savannah



Wonderful friends

More wonderful friends......We kind of took over the restaurant!

Ethan Chuck E Cheese Birthday

I can't believe I have a BIG "5" Year Old!
Here's a few pics from our celebration at Chuck E Cheese. (Which, by the way, is a place that my kids love, but I literally have to pray before going into! Something about all the noise and all the kid chaos almost sends me over the edge! Thankfully, there was no nervous break-down, and Ethan had a wonderful time!)
Roy & Sandy
Ethan & the cake he helped me bake & decorate.
Pop & Gigi with Ethan
Ethan & Auntie Kimmy
Annaliese talking to Chuck E on the phone

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trip to the Country

One of Bobby's colleagues has some property that he invites Bobby to hunt on at least once a year. He generously invited Bobby & Ethan to do some exploring together on a non-hunt excursion. They had a blast! Ethan still talks about going back to the country ALL. THE. TIME.!!!!

Ethan got to drive the golf cart around the property.

He got up close and personal with a deer in the neighboring land.

He was able to "pretend" drive the big John Deere.

And he helped Daddy drive the bulldozer.

Not exactly a great picture of Ethan, but a pretty picture of Texas!

It can really snow in Texas!

This was by far the snowiest winter in Texas in my lifetime! What fun it was for the kids!
Annaliese riding her "four-wheeler" in the snow. Ethan is in the background plotting how to sled down the little hill.
We actually got 12" in one 24 hour period! That's a BIG deal, y'all!
Ethan & Bobby built an igloo in the backyard. Ethan gives it a "thumbs-up"!
Both kids can fit in! (This picture cracks me up because a. Annaliese looks like she isn't too sure about this thing and b. Ethan is wearing Bobby's gloves and his hands look HUGE!)
Igloo and snow were still around several days later.