Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big News of the Week

This past weekend, we bought Bobby a new cowboy hat as a belated birthday present (Bobby is a true Texan!). He makes a good-lookin' cowboy!

And now Ethan is a cowboy in the making......He'll make a good-lookin' cowboy too!
Ethan loves to hold his sister! He is very protective of her already! This past weekend Bobby's sister Holly came over and said, "Oh she is just too cute! I'm going to eat her up!" To which Ethan replied, "NO! Don't eat her! Be gentle with her!"
Daddy and his kids.... (Look at the way Ethan looks at his daddy! He just adores him!)
Mommy and her kids......
The BIG news of the last couple of weeks is that Ethan is now potty-trained!!! Yay! He's doing so good with it. We are very proud! He loves his big boy underpants....we have all sorts - Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and Elmo!
We went over to Gigi's house yesterday for a visit and lunch. Annaliese was "talking" up a storm!
Mommy & Annaliese
Our precious sweetie!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Bobby is a wonderful husband, father, son & friend! We were so happy to celebrate him last weekend on his birthday! You're looking better with every year, Baby!

It seems that birthdays last on average ten days around our house, and Bobby's is no exception. He had celebrations with his dad & grandma last Friday night, Chocolate Chip cookies made with love by Ethan on Saturday, lunch with Mom, Dale & Kyle on Sunday, homemade spaghetti & meatball dinner by yours truly with his Mom, step-dad & Julie on Sunday night and B-B-Q with Dad on Wednesday night. Whew! I'm all partied out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Overdue Post

I can't believe how behind I am in my posting! So sorry to keep you waiting! :-) I'm warning you now....this will be a long one so we can get caught up!

I finally received my camera in the mail. It was very frustrating waiting for it. I could track it through UPS and they said it was held up in Dallas for three days due to "inclement weather". Let me tell you, Dallas is not far from here and all it was during that time was sunny & hot! So, unless heat is "inclement weather" there should have been no delay! Oh well! At least it is here and so far I'm happy with it. I'm still figuring out a few of the settings, so bear with'll see some of my "action" shots were not on the right setting.

Last weekend we went to Claire's 4th birthday party. For those of you that don't know, this is THE Claire that Ethan is crazy about (the one he pretends he is playing with at our house all the time, the one he prays for every day and the one said was his best friend until Annaliese came along)! She had her party at one of those bounce house playrooms and Ethan had a blast!

Birthday girl Claire with Ethan hiding behind the big pole. He suddenly became shy!

Ethan made it down the big slide! Weeee!

What fun!!! What a kid!!!

All of the kids

Allison & Ethan (Look how sweaty Ethan is! He played HARD!)

I'm singing on our worship team again after my "maternity leave". It is so good to be back! I'm going to be singing every other weekend. If you ever are at home and want to watch our church services live, you can go to: Our service times are Saturdays at 4:30, 5:45 and 7:30 and Sundays at 9:00, 10:45 and 12:30 (all times CST).

Now, here are some pics of our blue-eyed beauty:

I love that smile!



Lastly, here is a short video of Annaliese "talking".....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Quotes

Since I am cameraless and have no pictures to share, I thought another posting with Ethan's recent quotes might be fun! (I have ordered a new camera and it should arrive tomorrow- Yay!)

Ethan was doing somersaults and I told him that he was doing really good somersaults. He said, "Thanks! Now, I'm going to do somerpeppers!".

In the car this week I asked Ethan what he wanted to get Daddy for his birthday. He thought about it for a minute and then he said, "I want to give Daddy some new worms. Some of Daddy's worms died and he needs new ones." (Bobby has an organic garden in the backyard and uses worms apparently.) Oh how a three-year-old mind works! I thought it was pretty funny!

Bobby went in to Ethan's room and found Ethan knocking the books off his bookshelf. Bobby asked him what on earth he was doing and Ethan told him, "Come on in, it's a party!".

Ethan's favorite movie right now is Toy Story, so he's been saying a lot of lines from the movie. One of the lines he says that cracks us up is, "My name is Ethan. I come in peace."

And now a couple quotes that aren't funny, but warm our hearts and make us feel like we're doing some of this parenting thing right......
"I have a boo-boo. Let's pray, Jesus will heal me."
"Oh Mommy, this is good spinach! You are a good cooker!"