Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ethan Lost a Tooth!

One day early November, Ethan asked me how old he would be when he started loosing his teeth. I told him probably not until he was six or so. The next day while we were in the car, Ethan said he was wiggling his tooth. I couldn't feel it while I was driving obviously, and forgot to check it out later in the day. I really didn't think his tooth could possibly be loose....I'm mean he was still four! Well, the next day he told me again that his tooth was loose and I finally checked it. Sure enough, it was not only very loose, but the permanent tooth was already growing in behind it! We pulled it out that afternoon. He was soooooo proud! And about a week later, we pulled the one next to it! I nearly cried the first time I played "tooth fairy"! My sweet boy is growing up!